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          Steel Fabrication in Northern Alberta

          What do you get when you couple Old Country Craftsmanship with Modern Technology?

          BH STEEL PRO

          Proven high standards, sound work ethics

          and satisfied customers time after time

          Call today - 780-653-0280

          Serving Northern Alberta & the Peace River Country with steel fabrication services


          • BH Steel Pro - Serving the Grande Prairie Area

          • CWB 47.1 Certified Structural Welding

          • BH Steel Pro - Serving the Peace River Country

          • CNC Plasma

          • BH Steel Pro - Serving Northern Alberta

          • Pipe Supports

          • General Welding - Northern Alberta

          • Drafting

          • Pipe Clamps

          • Steel Bending

          • Pipe Caps

          • Plasma Cutting Northern Alberta

          • Platforms

          • Pipe Guides

          • Steel Fabrication

          • Pipe Anchors

          • Teflon Slide Plates

          BH Steel Pro Services

          ABOUT BH Steel Pro

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          About / BH STEEL PRO

          Located central in the Peace River Country near Grande Prairie and serving Northern Alberta

          At BH Steel Pro we work hard to do things the way our customers want them done and in a timely fashion.

          Formerly operating under the name "Heart Fabrication" we have served our customers since 2008

          * Until you're satisfied with the products we produce, we aren't either.

          * Call us now for same day, no obligation quotes

          * No job is too big or too small.

          * We ship nation wide and deliver right to your shop or work site.

          Our specialties are:

          * Pipe Supports, Pipe Clamps, CNC Plasma Cutting and Custom General Welding.

          * This machine has the capability of cutting up to 1.5 inch steel plate with true hole technology.

          * Our welders are CWB 47.1 Structural Welding Certified.

          * We also do steel bending up to 12 ft. with our 250 tonne break.

          And we do:
          Teflon slide plates
          Pipe guides
          Pipe clamps
          CNC plasma
          Pile caps



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          We will be back to you as soon as possible

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          Mailing address:
          Box 235
          Wanham, Alberta
          T0H 3P0

          Steel Fabrication Professionals in Alberta

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